The Italian cuisine is a cultural heritage of Italy. Through its scents and flavors everyone can get to know a thousand and a thousand shades of colors that make up Italy.

The italian recipes are derived from Italian regional cuisines, sometimes even municipal, which have suffered many invasions and influences from other countries such as France, Spain and the Austrian Empire. These influences have helped to increase the wealth of recipes from our kitchen.

The italian cuisine is appreciated worldwide for its wealth of raw materials.

Italian cuisine is based on Mediterranean recipes, ingredients like fish, vegetables and cereals.

But Italian cuisine is not just Mediterranean cuisine, is also made of recipes from the Alps, often created by minorities of these areas.

The wealth of ingredients, from fish to meat. The variety of vegetables and flavorings that the merchants of Venice, but not only, did pass on our territory, have allowed the Italian chefs to create unique flavors and scents.

Throughout history the genius of Italian cooks have been able to take advantage of the ingredients of the new world making them the protagonists of their recipes and making them a symbol of Italy.
Just think of the tomato that, after the discovery of America became the main ingredient of the pizza, spaghetti with tomato and basil or Amatriciana. Recipes that are now the symbol of Italian cuisine around the world.

Surely the first courses are the protagonists of Italian cooking such as dried pasta (spaghetti, penne, macaroni, etc. ..) is famous throughout the world, but also other dishes such as lasagna or gnocchi alla Romana are well known.

A separate chapter is then devoted to Italian cheeses. From the fresh dairy products such as tomini to Parmigiano Reggiano cheese such as Gorgonzola , cheese-makers have been able to invent thousands of Italian cheeses with tastes, flavors and fragrances that are always original.

All these characteristics make Italian cuisine one of the best in the world and certainly a cultural heritage of the whole of Italy.