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for 6 people
400 gr oil
150 g anchovies
6  garlic pieces
milk taste

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Clean the anchovies
remove thorns and salt. Clean the garlic and boil it in a saucepan with the milk.

When the garlic is cooked, throw out the milk - this will enable you to lighten the flavor of the sauce - add the anchovies and cook slightly more.

 After a few minutes pass with the mulinex and add the oil and the cream just enough to become a creamy sauce.

Bagna Caoda must be served hot to the table as possible with the appropriate stoves, along with previously nectar and cooked vegetables.
Examples of vegetables can be served with this there salas are:
- The traditional Cardo (thistle)
- Boiled potatoes
- Cooked onions
- The Toupin-ambour
- Celery
- Etc. ...

This is one of the most famous dish of piedmont cuisine.

Italy, Piedmont

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