Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I present a recipe that can be safely used as a main dish.


- 350 g rice
- 50 grams dried mushrooms (or fresh mushrooms 150 gr)
- 1 l broth
- 1 2 onion
- 1 clove garlic
- Parsley
- 1 egg per person
- Parmigiano Reggiano
- Dry white wine
- A knob of butter


If using dried mushrooms by soaking in boiling water at least 1 hour before.

Prepare the broth with cold water, 1 onion, 1 carrot and 1 stalk of celery and salt and boil for a couple of hours.

Chop the onion and fry in a pan with the clove of garlic. Vesare leave the rice toast over low heat. Remove the garlic and sprinkle with white wine. When the wine has evaporated, pour the drained mushrooms and chopped.

Moisten with broth. It 's important not to throw the water you used to soften the mushrooms but pass it through a sieve and pour in the rice during cooking along with the broth.

After fifteen minutes, add the grated parmesan and a knob of butter.

Meanwhile, cook the eggs in another pan, heat the oil well, then pour over the egg white, even after a few seconds pour the yolk.

Place the egg in a dish next to the mushroom risotto.

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