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The CAPRESE cake is a typical italian sweet of Campania in particular from the island of Capri. This cake has a heart fragrant and soft, thanks to starch.INGREDIENTS FOR 6 \ 8 PERSONS:
- 200 g white chocolate
- 200 g sugar
- 200 g blanched almonds
- 150 g melted butter
- 50 g of potato starch
- 1 package yeast powder
- Lemons untreated n 3 (peel and juice of one)


In a large bowl Beat the eggs with half the sugar for 10 \ 15 minutes until the mixture is soft,smooth and clear (at least 3 times the initial volume.
Meanwhile, chop the white chocolate and the butter to melt.

Chop the remaining almonds with the sugar until a powder.
Grate the peel of 3 lemons and extract juice from one lemon. Then filter the juice of the lemon.

Put the mixture into a bowl and add the chopped almonds white chocolate, chopped zestof lemonpotato starch, baking powder and mix thoroughly.

Add the butter previously meltedfiltered lemon juice and mix well.

Add the egg mixture gently mounted.
Pour the mixture into a greased and floured mold with a diameter of 22 to 24 cmand bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 50-60 minuteswith no ventilation todry up too much cake.

The original recipe is to add 3 tablespoons of lemon along with the melted butter to give a stronger taste of the island of Capri.

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