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The liver is one of the many Venetian traditional recipes of Italian and Venetian cuisine.

Among the various recipes, this is definitely one of the best known worldwide for its unique taste and special flavor that combines the aroma of the onion and of the liver.

The origins of this dish, called in Venetian dialect "figà àea Venessiana", date back to Roman times they used to cook the liver with figs because to cover up the smell a little bit strong.

The Venetians over time replaced the figs with onions and made this recipe to become one of the most popular Venetian cuisine.

INGREDIENT for 4 people:
2 medium white onions
3-4 slices of beef liver
red wine
red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper


Cut onions in joulienne and brown them in a pan with little oil butter (you can also use the olive oil ).

Meanwhile, cut the liver into strips and add to the onions when they are well browned.

Shortly afterwards blurs with wine and a little vinegar. Cook with the lid, salt, pepper ... and the liver at venetian way is ready.

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